Great results start with the right people

We love dedicated, curious, challenger-lovers and self-taught people who believe in “the sky is the limit”, and give their best every day, in a team-player way.

Also, fun people who know how to play Mario Kart, and love to go to the cinema to watch a good movie!

Roberto Uriarte

CEO & Founder

He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Systems, and he's focused on the Business side as well as the strategies of the company. An extremely detail-oriented person who pushes the team to excel in everyday task (kaizen philosophy) and simply do the best.

Lazaro Fuentes


Lazaro is an advisor to Innuy with many years experience building and deploying digital strategies. A known entity in the New York City startup and tech scene, Lazaro has been advising, investing, and building digital companies for 17 years. He's had multiple exits, most recently with the sale of, a US-based public entity, search provider, and a top 50 Google partner. He's helped to grow top-notch digital operations teams and many millions in revenues globally over the years, and is helping Innuy to do the same.

Sally Hilser


With over 15 years experience in IT, Telco and Software sales, there is no stone unturned. Outside of being an advocate for her clients and helping them achieve financial targets, Sally is an avid traveler and obsessed pet owner of her loving chocolate lab named Porkchop.

Anya Wainberg


A Software Engineer with a Master in IT Management, Anya is a singer drummer and music lover. She loves training and playing sports, along with cheering up the team. With over 15 years of experience in consultancy, management and sales, she's willing to take Innuy to a new level. Her life motto: "Why not being better?"

Agustín Castillo

Lead Developer & Master of the Multiverse

Holding a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering, Agustin is responsible for the design and development of high performance systems at the heart of Innuy projects, including the front-end, back-end, APIs, Machine Learning components and AWS infrastructure. As an AI professor assistant in the UCUDAL University, he likes to combine the industry with the academia.

Nicolás Pérez

Lead Developer & Gaming Master

Advanced Computer Enginneering student, responsible of developing full stack solutions using Python. A NodeJs enthusiast, he love dogs, coffee, and in certain circles he is considered an authority in Witcher 3.

Marcelo Siccardi

Full stack Developer & Zombie Slayer

Engineering student, IT enthusiast and perfectionist, Marcelo pursues his goals relentlessly and seeks to excel at every single task he performs. Passionate about everything regarding IT, versatile programmer, he is always looking to improve. Rumors has it that he knows the exact location of the Mars Mass Relay but he never said a word about it.

Mathias Lantean

Full stack Developer & Crossfitter

Mathias is an experienced student of Engineering, characterized by his persistance and determination. In his early years he worked in testing which really gave him an "eagle eye” for detecting and avoiding bugs. Among his acquired skills we can find Java, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Python and others. Particularly his patience is applied in all aspects of life, at least until League of Legends seizes him.

Ignacio Durán

Mobile Developer & Dungeon Master

Being a B.Sc in Computer Engineering, Ignacio has an energetic attitude towards developing and life in general. Focusing mainly on mobile applications (both natively and with hybrid solutions), he also has experience on back-end development and connectivity. His interests include martial arts, cats, and fighting for everlasting peace.

Diego Insua

Full stack Developer & Planeswalker

Advanced Computer Engineering student, Android and Java expert, and very skilled with Linux servers & VM. Fun, detail-oriented, and a truly code-a-holic guy, he is always ready to help the team. And of course, he is madly in love with Magic: The Gathering.

Ferdinand Vonrotz

Full stack Developer & Randomancer

Advanced Computer Engineering student, Ferdinand has a knack for problem solving. He has natural intuition and ability to understand how things work and quickly adapt to any given situation. This ability makes him really good at learning new things in a short period of time and working with all kinds of frameworks. This ability is also useful for playing all-random matches of Dota 2 every night.

Martin Noya

Full stack Developer & Metalhead

Calm, focused and determined, Martin is an advanced Computer Engineering student who strives to succeed in everything he takes part in. He’s a resourceful programmer, always willing to learn & jump into the next challenge. As a renown DotA player, modder & game developer enthusiast, he has acquired a fine attention to detail and feedback. Hardcore Rock & Metal lover, he’s permanently struggling not to wear black clothes.

Federico Alberti

Full stack Developer & DOTA2 Master

As an advanced Computer Engineer student, Federico is always happy to learn new technologies and loves programming. In his previous experiences in management and the Banking industry, he learned to analyze data & algorithms under a lot of pressure, in order to avoid serious problems. This concentration skill lets him understand problems and translate it into code very quickly, as well as carrying his team to victory in DotA2 matches every single night.

Lucía Lima

Marketing Manager & Gryffindor Member

Advanced communication student, she is always looking for new trends to be a step forward. She is interested in digital marketing and how new technologies changes the way people live and interact. Her “geek” side is related to Harry Potter, she is a truly Gryffindor and a quidditch fan.

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